Predictive Energy Management for Sustainable Steel Production

In the seminar, we will focus on the topic of energy, resources and sustainability management for the steelmaking industry. Establishing effective systems for managing energy has become a major source of competitive advantage for energy-intensive segments such as steelmaking, mining and other processes industries.

Still, many industrial organizations lack a systemic, digitalized approach to energy management, which makes them vulnerable to unavoidable trends such as increasingly complex energy matrices, volatile energy prices, carbon taxes and stricter environmental and social regulations. Also, the organization’s carbon footprint, inherently coupled to energy and operational efficiency, will impose additional pressure over profits and could even prevent industrial plants from running altogether. Decarbonization efforts will create significant opportunities for companies that implement and execute effective energy and sustain- ability strategies that effectively integrate shop floor operations to corporate management.

Thus, the goal is to present and discuss main concepts related to energy efficiency, energy planning, and overall energy management with a focus on short- and longterm performance improvement for
the main processes and decision-making challenges found in steelmaking. The seminar will also present the Viridis Energy Platform and its main applications, showcasting their main features and emphasizing on how they create value for energy-intensive industries.

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Energy managers, process engineers, operation managers


Basic understanding of steel making