Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Cracks may occur due to enormous loads on heavyweight high-strength components of the extrusion press. The results are long downtimes and high repair costs. After repair, fatigue strength no longer exists. Technical Service of SMS group offers you non-destructive testing with different testing methods. As we already know the highly stressed areas on different components, together with you we plan, detailed preparation work. On the basis of this work, we apply the test deriving direct recommendations for action in the case of a crack indication. You will receive a detailed report on the result of the crack test.

Your benefits

  • You are provided with detailed information on the status of your press
  • You are able to plan necessary repair measures well in advance
  • You minimize your repair efforts uYou prevent unscheduled production downtimes
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Technical Service for Extrusion Presses
Enhancing productivity, quality, and plant safety