Reference - Warehousing at SULB

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No stores, no personnel costs - and yet all parts are on hand: These are the advantages of the warehousing service offered, under which SMS group manage the storage of spare parts on the customer's behalf by SULB.

Unwanted downtimes are history

This forward-looking development and implementation of an advanced spare parts supply concept reduces the servicing times and prevents unwanted downtimes.

The availability of spare and wear parts is ensured by three-shift operation of the warehouse, available on a 24/7 basis. The entire warehouse concept was originated in close coordination with SULB. The customer has access to the whole storage system at any time and thus has complete cost transparency. The stock is retrievable online around the clock. SULB is just one of several examples in which the SMS group has assumed warehouse management.

Warehousing SULB image Warehousing SULB image Warehousing SULB image Warehousing SULB image


  • Availability of spare parts and consumables at no investment costs
  • Pay on parts usage only
  • Web-based documentation: Simplified spares identification and ordering
  • Transparency: Online access to prices, lead times, stock levels
  • Concentration on core business
  • Parts availability 24/7, guaranteed stock level
  • Inventory management (control & reports)
  • Reliable planning due to fixed price lists