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Concepts - 18-HS mills

CVC® plus 18-HS mill

Central to the mill type is the 6-high arrangement with backup, intermediate, and work rolls. The 18-HS design incorporates laterally supported slender work rolls. The horizontal forces, occurring during the rolling process are minimized by horizontal roll shifting, resulting in an extended lifetime of rolls and bearings. Using the special CVC® plus roll contour means you can correct more severe flatness defects over a wider range than with other approaches. You also benefit from easy, fast work-roll and intermediate-roll changing.

18-HS mill design in continuous production routes

Tandem cold mill integrated in a rolling, annealing, and pickling line (IRAPL)

There are substantial advantages to assembling integrated lines that combine the main process steps rolling, annealing and pickling (IRAPL) in a continuous production flow. The essential elements in the entry section are a pay-off-reel unit, a welding machine, and an entry strip accumulator. Next in line is a tandem mill in 6-high or 18- HS design with up to five stands, a strip cleaning section, another strip accumulator, an annealing furnace with cooling section, and a pickling section with strip accumulator. Finally, the exit end features strip finishing equipment such as a skin pass mill, tension leveler, creep looper, inline inspection area, tension reel, coil strapping, and coil weighing machine.

Here you can see two TCM we supplied to Chinese steel producer Taiyuan Iron & Steel. They both operate in a fully integrated rolling, annealing, and pickling line. The TCM on the left features five stands in CVC® plus 6-high design. It is mainly used for AISI 400 grades. On the right is the TCM in 18-HS design, mostly used for rolling harder grades from the AISI 300 series.

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Main technical data

Materials AISI 200 – 400
Strip width 600 – 1,650 mm
Strip thickness 0.20 – 3.00 mm
 Rolling speed  Max. 800 m/min.
Capacity Max. 1,000,000 tpy

Reversing cold mill (RCM) in 18-HS design

A multi-talent in stainless steel production

Special about the 18-HS RCM is that it's one of our products with a high share of components produced in-house. This earns it the hallmark "Made in Germany". So, before delivery, we preassemble the mill in our Hilchenbach workshops. Included here are the entry and exit-end equipment as well as the modular hydraulic platform. Then we thoroughly test the functions and controls before shipping the plant. All this ensures rapid assembly and commissioning on site, plus high production performance.

The key advantage of our 18-HS RCM is their capability of achieving high reductions per pass. That means they efficiently roll strip to thin final gauges and close thickness tolerances. Plus, they attain a wider spectrum of final gauges, particularly from harder material.

Main technical data

MaterialsAISI 200 - 400
Strip width600 - 1,650 mm
Strip thickness0.20 - 3.00 mm
Rolling speedMax. 800 m/min.
CapacityMax. 300,000 tpy