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Multipurpose mill CVC® plus M 18/4

Flexible production of soft and high-strength material on one and the same mill

It's a huge challenge to produce smaller batches profitably. This applies especially when you cannot run your specialized mills at full capacity . That's why we developed our new CVC® plus M 18/4 mill for RCM and TCM applications. It's a multipurpose mill that covers a very wide product range from soft IF-grades (Interstitial Free) right through to HSS (High Strength Steel) and stainless steels.

We install the CVC® plus M 18/4 multi-function stand type in both new and existing mills. Central to this equipment is a rapid and easy-change roll set in CVC plus 4-high and 18 HS design. That ensures you can expand your product range at low cost.

Your benefits

  • CVC® plus 4-high and 18 HS design combined in one mill
  • Applicable for RCM and TCM
  • Flexible production from soft to high-strength material
  • High reductions
  • Operating mode changeover within just seven minutes by changing the complete roll cassette