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Tisco, China

World’s first 5-stand, 18-HS TCM in a continuous stainless steel line

In 2014, SMS group supplied a tandem cold mill (TCM) in 18-HS design to Chinese steel producer Shanxi Taigang Stainless Steel Company (TISCO). The TCM operates inline in TISCO's fully continuous rolling annealing and pickling line. It rolls AISI 300-series stainless steel strip and has an annual capacity of up to 600,000 tons.

What makes the inline configuration so profitable is that it ensures extremely cost-effective production. That's because rolling, annealing, and pickling all take place in one pass. Also included in the order were the tension roll sets and strip cleaning section. Technical highlights of the TCM are:

  • Servohydraulic roll-gap control (AGC)
  • HS shifting for the work rolls
  • Intermediate roll shifting and bending
  • Mathematical model for presetting all rolling parameters
  • Thickness control
  • Emulsion system for cooling and filtering the cooling lubricant

Main technical data

Materials AISI 300 and AISI 400 series
Strip width 1,040 – 1,650 mm
Strip thickness 6.0 – 0.6 mm
Rolling speed 370 m/min.
Capacity Max. 600,000 t
Tisco, China Image Tisco, China Image Tisco, China Image Tisco, China Image

Tisco's 5-stand TCM for inline operation