20-High mills

Cold Rolling
Safe and reliable production of challenging products

Since the fifties of the last century, single-stand 20-high mills have been part of SMS group’s product range. Today, SMS group ranges among the leading manufacturers of 20-high mills. Since the first installations, the mills were continuously further developed. Many of the first installations are still operating, which gives proof of the excellent quality and robustness of this mill design. Depending on the application, 20-high mills come in different sizes and in two versions: the closed, robust MonoBlock or the more flexible SplitBlock type. They can fulfill any material and surface requirement. Apart from the main application stainless steel, they can also be used for the production of silicon steel, copper and copper alloys as well as for titanium strips. Beside the X-Roll mechanical equipment and the X-Pact electrical and automation systems, SMS group also supplies customized lubricants. These X-Lub rolling oils are finely adjusted to the rolling technology of SMS group, ensuring perfect strip surface quality and economical consumption.


MonoBlock: the powerhouse of the reversing mill MonoBlock: the powerhouse of the reversing mill MonoBlock: the powerhouse of the reversing mill MonoBlock: the powerhouse of the reversing mill

20-high mill in MonoBlock design

Best in its class for extremely hard material grades

Compact and robust, this stand comes with superb rigidity. That makes it ideal for rolling even the hardest material grades, e.g. AISI 200 /300 stainless steel. You can expect reductions of up to 90%. Furthermore, finely meshed mechatronic systems including advanced actuators, thickness and flatness control systems, as well as sustainable filter systems guarantee efficient production plus excellent strip quality.

SplitBlock: upper and lower roll sets with flexible gap SplitBlock: upper and lower roll sets with flexible gap SplitBlock: upper and lower roll sets with flexible gap SplitBlock: upper and lower roll sets with flexible gap

20-high mill in SplitBlock design

Proven effective for challenging final products

SplitBlock stands from SMS group are capable of rolling a large product mix of material grades and thicknesses. Split into an upper and a lower half, the stand opens wider to accommodate larger-diameter work rolls. This design provides easy access during roll changing. It also simplifies the threading procedure.


Maximum utilization of precious material High-end actuators, controls, and support systems:

You face constantly increasing demands on product quality and production efficiency. That’s why we equip our 20-high mills with a package of high-end rolling technologies so you can rely on smooth production and high yields. Included in these solutions are roll-gap actuators, thickness and flatness control, and advanced support systems.

Semi-automated roll changing Semi-automated roll changing Semi-automated roll changing Semi-automated roll changing

Roll change robot
High-speed roll changing

What saves you serious money is our equipment that cuts non-productive times in your cold rolling mill. Take for instance our quick roll change solutions. You can choose between semi-automated and fully automated systems. The most advanced option is the high-speed roll change robot.

Basic design of the Nipco® oil wiper system Basic design of the Nipco® oil wiper system Basic design of the Nipco® oil wiper system Basic design of the Nipco® oil wiper system

Nipco® oil wiper system
Highly efficient and innovative

You rightly expect perfect strip surfaces from our rolling mills. Dedicated to just that is the Nipco® wiper system. This joint development by SMS group and Voith represents a new dimension of efficiency and effectiveness of wiper systems in cold rolling mills.

SMSgroup Image SMSgroup Image SMSgroup Image SMSgroup Image

Modular design
Shorter erection and commissioning times

Characteristic of our 20-high mill stands is the large share of in-house manufacturing. Prior to delivery to the customer, they are preassembled in our Hilchenbach workshops in Germany, complete with piping and cabling. Due to their modular design, the mills can be shipped in a single delivery.

Supafine® filter system Supafine® filter system Supafine® filter system Supafine® filter system

Supafine® filter system
Ideal for fine-filtering rolling oil

Our Supafine® filters are designed for micro-filtration of the low-viscosity mineral oils applied in cold rolling stainless steel. Yet it often happens that today’s widely used pre-coated cartridge filters cause problems with waste disposal. Unlike these old types, Supafine® filters do not require any filtering agents.

Selected References

Electrical and automation systems

X-Pact® 20-High Mathematical Model

Physical process model to calculate the optimum set-points for the 20-high actuators (mono block or split block) - online or offline version

More information

X-Pact® 20-High Roll Stack Geometry Validation

Offline simulation of possible roll combinations

More information

X-Pact® Advanced Thickness Control

Highest quality even during acceleration and deceleration

More information

X-Pact® Coiler Control

Technological control system to ensure best product quality and high process stability during strip winding on up- and down coilers.

More information

X-Pact® Mill Stand Control (TCS)

Technological Control System to ensure highest product quality (HGC, WRB, IRB, CVC®)

More information

X-Shape Flatness Measurement and Control

Stand-alone measuring system for flatness control perfectly tailored to your process requirements.

More information

Digital twin

Digital counterpart of a customer-specific plant

More information

Plug & Work

3D real-time simulation of technology prior to installation

More information

Product quality analyzer (PQA®)

Solution for smooth process flow and constant high quality

More information

Remote service

Always at your side, quickly and dependably, worldwide

More information

Upgrade Package Basic Automation

New state of the art hardware, latest development software

More information


Safeguarding plant lifetime

More information

X-Pact® Business Intelligence

Systematic analysis of data in an electronic form

More information

X-Pact® Drive

Low voltage frequency converter as integral part of X-Pact®

More information

X-Pact® Energy Advisor

Energy management for metallurgical plants and rolling mills

More information

X-Pact® MES 4.0

Production planning and scheduling for all production units in the plant

More information

X-Pact® Process Condition Analyzer (PCA)

The "transparent" plant

More information

X-Pact® Process Guidance

New standard for the future automatic control of complex plants

More information

X-Pact® Sense

Intelligent sensor system and camera-based solutions

More information

X-Pact® Vision Mobile Operation

Easy access on process results - Full information and control everywhere

More information

X-Pact® Vision Operation and Visualization

Innovative HMI and new control station

More information


Drive Systems

More reliability in the drive train due to Drive Systems provided by SMS group.

More information


Digital documentation: First step to a smart plant.

More information

Equipment check

Regular inspections and maintenance form the basis for safeguarding the efficiency of your equipment.

More information

Genius CM®

The Genius Condition Monitoring includes a modularly designed, permanent online monitoring system.

More information

High-torque spindle for rolling mills

The new Sieflex® HT gear-type self-aligning spindle is a key to greater rolling torques and forces.

More information

Long-term maintenance services

SMS group offers you the full range of services along the value chain, while you can focus entirely on your core competences.

More information

Maintenance & Repairs

What we mean by condition monitoring is constant analysis of ongoing machine operations.

More information

Safety Locator

Protect your most valuable asset - your employees - with the SMS group Safety Locator!

More information

Smart Maintenance

Digitalize your maintenance with SMS group!

More information

WearComp® - A revolution in maintenance management

Grease lubrication is an expensive and time consuming affair. Components made from the patented compound material WearComp® are self-lubricating.

More information


SMSgroup Image SMSgroup Image SMSgroup Image SMSgroup Image

X-Roll cold rolling mill for BSSB

SMSgroup Image SMSgroup Image SMSgroup Image SMSgroup Image

20-roll cold mill from Goldsky - Specialized in Titanium



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