20-high mill MonoBlock design

MonoBlock: the powerhouse of the reversing mill

The MonoBlock is the core component of the single-stand reversing cold mill. We manufacture these mills in modular design. The key elements, apart from the rolling stand itself, are:

  • Entry and exit-side high-tension reversing coilers
  • Additional uncoiling station with leveler unit
  • Continuous paper feed
  • Semi-automatic work roll Change system
  • Supafine® filtration system for rolling oil
  • Entry and exit side belt wrappers

Main technical data 20-high mill MonoBlock

Stand types

MB 21, MB 22


AISI 200, AISI 300 and AISI 400 series, Ti, Cu

Strip width

600 - 1,600 mm

Strip thickness

0.1 - 3.0 mm

Rolling speed

Max. 800 m/min.

20-high mill in MonoBlock design
The main actuators used in the MonoBlock design are servohydraulic roll-gap control (AGC), crown adjustment for backup shafts B/C and F/G, and a push-push system that shifts the first intermediate rolls.