Acerinox Group

Three 20-high mills in MonoBlock design

The Spanish Acerinox Group is one of the world’s largest stainless steel producers. Ever since 2012, Bahru Stainless SDN BHD, a member of the Acerinox group, has operated a 20-high mill in Malaysia supplied by SMS group. The plant is integrated in the new cold strip complex in Johar Bahru. Just a few years later, in spring 2015, the Acerinox Group awarded us a contract for another 20-high mill for its subsidiary North American Stainless (NAS), USA. NAS is erecting the USA’s most advanced and powerful production facility for bright-annealed steel strip in Ghent, Kentucky. Now Acerinox is investing in its main production facility in Los Barrios in Cadiz, Spain. There, SMS group is due to install a new 20-high mill complete with X-Pact® electrical and automation systems.

Overview of Bahru Stainless’ 20-high mill, supplied by SMS group
Overview of Bahru Stainless’ 20-high mill, supplied by SMS group

Bahru Stainless

North American Stainless

Acerinox, Los Barrios

Stand type

MB 22B-52”

MB 22B-54”

MB 22B-52”


AISI 200, 300 ,400

AISI 200, 300 ,400

Duplex steel, AISI 200, 300, 400

Strip width

800 - 1,320 mm

600 - 1,350 mm

800 - 1,320 mm

Strip thickness

0.15 - 6.35 mm

0.15 – 6.00 mm

0.15 – 6.00 mm

Rolling speed

Max. 800 m/min.

Max. 800 m/min. Max. 800 m/min.


120,000 tpy

95,000 tpy

90,000 tpy


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