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Chia Far, China Taiwan

20-high mill for challenging final products

Using its 20-high mill in SplitBlock design, the Taiwanese company Chia Far produces superior-grade stainless-steel strip that meets the high surface quality requirements of the IT industry. The mill was supplied by SMS group and commissioned in 2012.

The SB 22-54” cold rolling mill produces austenitic and ferritic strip. Extra special here is that the split stand can handle thick stainless steel input strip. This cuts costs because the material is cheaper than thinner input stock. A robot changes the work rolls and intermediate rolls in record time. Also included in the delivery scope was our proven SUPAFINE® filter system for cooling and ultrafine filtering of the rolling oil.

The advanced technical equipment of the mill comprises:

  • Servohydraulic roll-gap control (Automatic Gauge Control – AGC)
  • Crown adjustment for backup shafts A/D and F/G
  • Push/pull system for shifting first intermediate rolls
  • Mathematical model
  • Thickness and flatness control systems

Main technical data


AISI 300 and 400series

Strip width

650 mm – 1,320 mm

Strip thickness

0.15 mm – 5.00 mm

Rolling speed

Max. 800 m/min.


100,000 tpy

SplitBlock design SplitBlock design SplitBlock design SplitBlock design
Chia Far produces on a rolling mill in SplitBlock design