20-high mills technology

Maximum utilization of precious material

Rolling technology that pays off:

You benefit from 20-high mills because they are packed with state-of-the-art mechanics, hydraulics, electrics, and automation. Plus: it’s easily possible to retrofit these features into existing mills.


Maximum yield for precious material

View into the roll-gap of a MonoBlock.
View into the roll-gap of a MonoBlock.

Hydraulic roll gap adjustment (AGC)

Extremely close strip tolerances

Hydraulic roll-crown adjustment system

Improved flatness and ideal adjustment of the roll gap to the strip profile

Automatic roll-changing systems and change robots

Faster, safer roll changing and higher productivity

Dynamic process control and mill management systems

Perfect strip quality due to optimum mill stand presetting

Hydraulic axial shifting of the inner intermediate rolls

Perfect strip edges

Advanced rolling-oil squeezer systems, e.g. Nipco®

Drier strip surfaces and lower rolling oil consumption

Hydraulic systems with compact pumps and control elements in modular design

Easier and lower-cost maintenance

Self-cleaning rolling-oil filter systems

Greener and cheaper