Nipco® innovative oil wiper system

Up to 60 percent reduction of residual oil content

Our innovative Nipco® wiper system distributes the residual oil content evenly over the rolled strip. Furthermore, it applies only the amount of oil that is ideal for further strip processing. Depending on your rolling operations, we build the wiper roll with a metal or composite compound shell and coat it with polymer or resin fiber compound.

Nipco® also comes with these benefits:

  • Compatible with any rolling fluid (rolling oil, emulsion, kerosene)
  • Up to 60% lower residual oil on the strip
  • Better strip rolling quality
  • Higher rolling speeds for higher productivity
  • Lower operating and maintenance costs
  • Suitable for new plants as well as revamps.
Nipco® installation position
Nipco® installation position

Customer experiences with Nipco®:

“Since the installation of the Nipco® wiper system, there has been a reduction in strip surface defects which, in our opinion, were caused by the conventional wiper system. Moreover, it was possible to increase the rolling speed by an improved and more uniform wiping behaviour.”

R. Ammerling, ThyssenKrupp Nirosta, Benrath works