Finest-quality filter system: Supafine®

No waste disposal – low operating costs

Owing to its special design, the Supafine® filter does not require any filtering agents, which always require disposal. The filtration is performed by micro-fiber filter elements.

Our Supafine® filter elements represent the currently most up-to-date solution for fine filtration. They can operate without filtering agents, e.g. diatomaceous earth. Waste products that cannot be recycled are thus avoided. In view of the need for environmental protection and lowering of operating costs, it makes sense to retrofit a Supafine® filter system as part of a revamp.

Benefits of the Supafine® filter system:

  • Extremely high cleaning efficiency
  • Low operating costs due to
    - maintenance expenditure
    - no filtering agents
    - low rolling oil losses
    - few waste materials
  • Long service life of filter elements
  • No risk of break-out of filtering agent on the clean oil side
  • High operational reliability due to fully automated system
Rolling oil plant with Supafine® filter system
Rolling oil plant with Supafine® filter system