Annealing and Galvanizing lines


Suitable concepts for every requirement

It has been proven that SMS has the competence to design, engineer, erect and put into operation modern cold strip processing lines. Supported by the various specialized companies within the SMS group, which offer equipment and services for annealing lines and galvanizing lines the lines are delivered from a single system supplier.

Line concepts

Hot-Dip Galvanizing line

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Continuous Annealing line

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Continuous Annealing line
with gas and water cooling

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Universal Annealing and
galvanizing line

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All purpose line (Annealing, galvanizing, gas cooling, water cooling)

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Horizontal Galvanizing line (Prduction of galvanized strip mainly for the construction industry)

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Heat-to-Coat galvanizing line (Pickling and galvanizing of Hot-strip
for several applications)

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Technical Highlights

Multi-phase steels, which are high strength and very ductile, are increasingly being used for car components. These high-strength yet easily deformable steels must meet the highest quality requirements for use in automobiles.

Annealing and galvanizing lines from the SMS group are characterized in particular by the excellent quality of the end product, high efficiency and economy, as well as enormous capacities. In recent years various improvements and new technical solutions have been developed, particularly regarding line concepts, furnace technology, galvanizing technology and post-treatment.

In the lines, account is taken of the stringent demands on surface quality. This commences with cleaning, which is followed by surface-friendly annealing, and high-grade coating technologies for the application of a zinc layer, passivation or preserving oils. Advanced annealing and cooling strategies are implemented, together with a skin-pass millstand for targeted post-treatment, in order to achieve outstanding material strengths.

Cooling Technology Image

Cooling Technology

Post Treatment Image

Post Treatment

Furnace Technology Image

Furnace Technology

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Tension Leveler

PROBOX® technology

Hot-dip galvanizing of advanced and high-strength steels with high silicon and manganese contents

The PrOBOx® technology, an easy-to-apply pre-oxidation process offered by SMS group, effectively counteracts wettability problems while galvanizing high-alloyed modern steel grades.

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X-Pro® laser welder

Fast, safe, and successful welding of challenging steel grades

Precise, fast and reliable. The X-Pro Laser welder from SMS group for continuous production of difficult-to-weld steel grades.

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Cleaning technology

Clean surfaces are a necessary pre-condition for high-quality material
Oscillating brushes Longer lifetime, better cleaning
High-pressure cleaning No wear and high cleaning effect
Smart brush positioningNo unnecessary wear
Brush-on-brush-concept Effective use of space
Intelligent media management Saving of water
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Galvanizing technology

Air-knives for highest surface qualities
  • Homogenous coating using a minimum metallayer
  • Special features allow highest surface qualities (C surfaces) and resource savings
  • Stable strip run in the air-knife due to electromagnetic strip stabilizer

A key quality characteristic of the hot-dip galvanizing lines is the accuracy of the coating thickness; complying with narrow coating tolerances means you save zinc and cut production costs.

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System supply

Market leading technology from the market leading group

Terminal equipment
Cleaning section
Furnace technology
Zinc pot and equipment
Air-knife systems
Skin-pass mill
Tension leveler
Side trimmer unit
Roll coater for passivation
Electrostatic oiling machine
Production know-how
Electric and automation
Strip steering systems
Quality monitoring systems

Selected References

Electrical and automation systems




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