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PROBOX® technology

Hot-dip galvanizing of advanced and high-strength steels with high silicon and manganese contents

Advanced steels contain alloying elements that form oxides during annealing. Such oxides cause wetting and adhesion problems during the subsequent galvanizing process. The PrOBOx® technology, an easy-to-apply process offered by SMS group, effectively counteracts these adhesion problems. Controlled oxidation leads to the formation of an iron oxide layer on the strip surface which is reduced in the subsequent process. The result is an iron layer of good wettability, forming a highly suitable substrate for a high-grade, flawless zinc coating.

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Advantages of PROBOX® technology

Exact build-up and measurement of layer thickness

  • Special model for layer thickness measurement via pyrometers in entry and exit section

Controlling of the temperature via mathematical/physical furnace model

  • Strongest influence on layer build-up

No migration of oxide into adjacent furnace sections

  • Maximized consumption of infused oxide
  • Special nozzle design and optional width adjustment
  • Controlling of gas temperature and pressure
  • Advanced calculation of oxygen consumption in reference to strip and gas temperature and preferred layer thickness
  • Effective sealing systems at entry and exit section (suction systems optional)



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