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For the production of copper anodes SMS group offers two different systems. The common standard system “Anode Casting Wheel” as well as the advanced anode processing line “CONTILANOD®”. While the anode casting wheel is the standard copper anode casting system with high number of world wide applications and lower capex, the CONTILANOD® system offers advantages in superior anode shape and overall processing of cathodes.


Anode Casting Wheel

The most common system to produce copper anodes

Anode casting wheels are the most common technical system used to produce copper anodes. They are easy to operate and are characterized by a high degree of process stability.

Moreover, when designing and constructing the machines we take care to ensure reliable operation, high availability and minimum operating costs. The SMS group anode casting wheels set as default the important topic of weight tolerances and process automation. The proven three-point weighing system in the pouring device, demand oriented spray cooling for dynamic regulation of the mould temperature and the process stabile spray coating system ensure our casting wheel users the crucial technology advantage. Due to enhanced life time of cost intensive wear parts and the high degree of automation the process cost are minimized. This forms the basis for a highly efficient production. The modular design structure offers high flexibility to follow customers requirements and create tailor-made systems. The collecting rack can be chosen for both, horizontal and vertical oriented anode packages to be taken over by fork-lift truck or crane.

Your Benefits

  • Close anodes weight tolerances thanks to self adjusting three-point weighting system
  • Reduced process costs thanks to dynamic control of the mould temperature and minimization of thermal shocks
  • Demand-oriented automation - from semi-automated through to fully automated production
  • Prevention of “washes” at anode outer zones through gentle and smooth turning of the casting wheel
  • Collecting of anode packages in both, horizontal and vertical direction available
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CONTILANOD® is an anode continuous casting technique, using a Hazelett twin-belt casters. Anodes produced in this process are characterized by a high metallurgical homogeneity of the microstructure over the full anode volume. Other key benefits are the flatness of the anodes, their geometrical precision and their high weight consistency. CONTILANOD® anodes are free of edge washes and surface unevenness and thus help increase the cost-effectiveness of electrolysis considerably.

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