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What's special about our bar and wire rod mills is not only their high flexibility, but also their proven reliability. There is an array of products our state-of-the-art mills can manufacture in one mill: angles, squares, flats, channels, rounds, and wire rod. This top versatility also means you can efficiently produce all sizes, materials, and alloys.

Plant types


Main data
Capacity: 700,000 t/year
Furnace capacity: 130 t/h
Billets: Sq.170mm/sq.150mm/6m-12m
Steelgrades: Low to high carbon, low alloy, free cutting, spring, ball bearing, CHQ
Finishing sizes:
SBQ cooling bed
Ø 20 - 100 mm up to 15.0 m/s

Bar in coil
Ø 20 - 55 mm up to 15.0 m/s

Wire rod via LLC®
Ø 5.5 - 25 mm up to 120 m/s

Bar cooling bed
D 8 - 40 up to 41.0 m/s
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Rebar Mill

For producing rebars with lower operational cost and to increase the efficiency we have our High Speed Delivery system HSD® available, which allows to run with 45m/s onto the cooling bed. Compared to the traditional slitting method, conversion costs can be saved in the range of 6 to 13 Euro/ton. The Vertical Compact Coiler VCC® is todays state of the art solution for producing compact and torsion-free coils - exactly what more and more rebar processors are requiring for automatic handling in cut and bend machines.

Rebar mill - Image Rebar mill - Image Rebar mill - Image Rebar mill - Image


Precision sizing mill (PSM®)

Advanced 3-roll technology with adjustment under load

There is nothing new about hydraulic adjustment under load. It's a standard feature in most modern rolling mills - such as flat, rail, section, or seamless tube rolling mills.



Online measuring system with light section technology

The new measuring gauge at the exit side of the 3-roll block applies light section technology. Using our laser/image technology, four sensors perform synchronous, contact-free measurements over the entire cross section of the bar. There are no moving or oscillating parts, making the system almost maintenance-free. It achieves a scanning rate of 500 scans per second. That's why the system can produce a true-shape cross-section from up to 400 synchronous measuring points in a shared coordination system. You can see the result displayed with utmost precision.

MEERgauge® Image MEERgauge® Image MEERgauge® Image MEERgauge® Image

Electrical and automation systems

X-Pact® Process Guidance

New standard for the future automatic control of complex plants

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Quiet revolution in wire rod production

Our MEERdrive® technology makes roll ring management significantly easier, offers exceptional pass design flexibility, and minimizes maintenance. Precise rolling process control guarantees the required end product properties. Our system also optimizes roll ring utilization and slashes energy consumption. Why? Because individual motors operate much more efficiently than group drives.

Controlled cooling technology image Controlled cooling technology image Controlled cooling technology image Controlled cooling technology image


Drive Systems

More reliability in the drive train due to Drive Systems provided by SMS group.

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Digital documentation: First step to a smart plant.

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Emergency support - Remote Service

For easy identification of defects and malfunctions and quick initiation of measures for fault elimination.

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Equipment check

Regular inspections and maintenance form the basis for safeguarding the efficiency of your equipment.

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Long-term maintenance services

SMS group offers you the full range of services along the value chain, while you can focus entirely on your core competences.

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Maintenance and Repairs

What we mean by condition monitoring is constant analysis of ongoing machine operations.

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Maintenance tools - IMMS®

The Integrated Maintenance Management System (IMMS) guarantees effective and economical maintenance.

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MEERguides - High-speed production in wire rod mills

Applying today's most advanced guide technology in your wire rod mill gives you a real competitive edge.

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Reference - Warehousing at ArcelorMittal

Set up of a consignment warehouse for spare and wear parts objectives. Access to global sourcing network of SMS Group.

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Reference - Warehousing at Sulb

Availability of spare and wear parts is ensured by three-shift operation of the warehouse, available on a 24/7 basis.

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Safety Locator

Protect your most valuable asset - your employees - with the SMS group Safety Locator!

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Smart Maintenance

Digitalize your maintenance with SMS group!

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Spare parts - Special plain bearings

Plain bearings and high-precision bearings have to cope with extreme stresses because they are subject to high rotational speeds and dynamic loads.

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