Bar and wire rod mills - Ecoplants


Our MEERdrive® technology makes roll ring management significantly easier, offers exceptional pass design flexibility, and minimizes maintenance. Precise rolling process control guarantees the required end product properties. Our system also optimizes roll ring utilization and slashes energy consumption. Why? Because individual motors operate much more efficiently than group drives.

Here are some additional advantages for you. The individual drive solution means total flexibility in roll pass design, so you can tailor reductions to your requirements. That gives you complete freedom to adjust roll pass designs to the finished size and steel grade you want, allowing for varying spread behavior. What's more, roll ring wear is much lower than in conventional systems.

There is no need to stick to standard sizes. You can also roll intermediate sizes to your requirements because individual cross- sectional reductions are possible too. This revolutionary flexibility allows individual control of speed and tensile forces. What you get are improved dimensional tolerances and metallurgical properties. The maximum mill flexibility also ensures minimal costs.

Finally, due to the individual MEERdrive® concept, roll ring families are no longer necessary to achieve fixed reductions. So, when you only have to stock individual roll ring pairs, you can reduce your roll ring inventory by up to 60 %. That's because you can use varying roll ring diameters on individual block positions. Single drives allow you to adjust the speed to suit your process.

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