Precision sizing mill (PSM®)

Advanced 3-roll technology with adjustment under load

Our superior 3-roll technology comes with all the typical features of a 3-roll sizing block. You can use it anywhere, any time with single-pass family rolling - for all diameters and steel grades, whenever you wish. That minimizes downtimes.

Another advantage of this smart technology is fast cassette changing. You can change one, two, or all cassettes in just 5 minutes. Free size rolling for infinite sizes from one pass design - not only for discrete lot sizes - ensures maximum flexibility. This requires fewer cassette/roll changes and means lower inventories of e.g. rolls and guides.

Outstanding here beyond the typical features of a 3-roll machine is our unique real-time hydraulic gap adjustment under load. The sophisticated closed loop technological control system (TCS), which has also proven its value in other applications such as section mills, presents you with another key feature.

Not limited to a "black box" that only measures the entry and exit size of the bar, our TCS offers full process transparency. That's because it detects each roll position as well as the individual roll forces.

Furthermore, the TCS performs these tasks:

  1. It compensates individual mill spring, feeder variations, and bar entering impacts.
  2. It levels out temperature variations along the bar.
  3. It adjusts the mill to different rolling conditions and optimizes it immediately to attain maximum yield at top availability.