Belt casting technology

Steel: vast potential as an innovative material

Nothing short of revolutionary, our Belt Casting Technology (BCT®) is a further leap toward near-net-shape casting. Depending on the BCT® caster type you choose, you can run different production rates and manufacture a large variety of product sizes. What makes BCT® casters so special is that they handle alloys previously not suitable for continuous casting. Furthermore, the new technology also copes with crack-critical conventional steel grades impossible to produce by standard continuous casting.


Batch and inline production

There was official recognition of SMS in 2014, when Federal President Joachim Gauck presented the "German Future Award - Federal President's Award for Technology and Innovation" in Berlin. Included among the top contenders was the joint project "Horizontal Thin Strip Casting of Steel - Designed to Manufacture New High-Performance Materials in a Resource-Efficient Way". It was one of three programs that were nominated for the prize. The project partners were Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH, SMS group, and the Technical University of Clausthal.

Major highlights

  • New high-strength, high-ductility steel grades for the automotive industry
  • Horizontal casting: no bending or straightening
  • Moving mold: no casting powder
  • Casting process for special grades and small
  • production volumes
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Batch and inline production

New to steelmaking is our BCT® - Belt Casting Technology for horizontal near-net- shape casting of flat steel products. BCT is a revolutionary leap in casting technology designed to produce special as well as conventional steel grades.

Just imagine the benefits of the BCT micro mill - a so-called inline process. It means the BCT process takes place in one line with the hot rolling process.

Energy-efficient process

Our micro mills make full use of belt casting technology, designed specifically to slash energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

  • Rapid solidification
  • Lower deformation energy
  • No reheating


New steel products need new casting processes

Forget bending or straightening

Protected from reoxidation, the liquid steel is poured from a conventional ladle into a covered tundish. Then it goes through a submerged entry nozzle into the preheated feeding system. Next, the steel flows onto the moving horizontal mold consisting of the conveyor belt and internally cooled side dams. There is an inert gas atmosphere above the conveyor belt to protect the solidifying steel. Finally, at the rear end of the caster, a defined gas mix directly influences the solidification structure.

New steel products need new casting processes image New steel products need new casting processes image New steel products need new casting processes image New steel products need new casting processes image

Impressive features

Stress-free strip solidification in horizontal direction:
No bending or straightening
Casting without powder:
Steels with high aluminum content possible
Traveling mold, no oscillation:
Plane strip surface without oscillation marks
Rapid solidification, high casting speed, low casting thickness:
Fine-grain cast structure without risk of segregation
Inert atmosphere and exclusively indirect cooling:
No scale formation during the casting process
Sufficient deformation at strip gauges of 8-20 mm:
High-quality hot strip

New steel products nee new casting processes image New steel products nee new casting processes image New steel products nee new casting processes image New steel products nee new casting processes image

BCT®: Process and main characteristics

As-cast strip

The as-cast strip leaves the conveyor belt horizontally. Then it enters an enclosed roller table which ensures complete process inertization right up to the end of the table. Next in line after the roller table is a combination of two pinch-roll stands separated by a looper. This section not only transports the as-cast strip, it also isolates the product from downstream influences. The second pinch roll unit feeds the strip to a moving hydraulic shear. To ensure the required sheet lengths, the shear travels at the same speed as the as-cast strip. Now a roller table accelerates the up to 9-m-long sheets toward the end of the roller table, where they slow down again. Finally, cross-pushers place the sheets on a hydraulic lifting table.


Casters customized to your requirements

New steel products demand new casting processes
  • Lightweight design und safety based on high energy absorption 
  • Customized product properties
  • New engineering and design options for components

Extremely versatile, these casters combine with both BOF and electric-arc-furnace melt shops. What's more, we tailor your BCT® installation to your particular needs. You can produce medium-wide strip just as well as hot wide strip. Whether you have small, medium, or high production capacities, we design your plant to suit you.

Your benefits

  • Tailor-made, compact plant design for implementation in all common process routes
  • Cutting-edge casting for integration in state-of-the-art thin strip facilities
  • Unique technology for a wide range of high-performance new steels as well as critical conventional grades
  • No breakouts
  • Lower maintenance compared to conventional continuous casters (e. g. mold and segment shop)
  • No water consumption (closed circuit)
  • Tomorrow's technology today
Image_Benefits Image_Benefits Image_Benefits Image_Benefits

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