Bright steel lines

Machines for key processes

Clean, smooth surfaces, high dimensional accuracy, and amazingly low-cost to produce - these are the benefits that make bright steel so valuable to many industries. Typical here is the example of automotive manufacturing: car makers use bright steel for steering and drive components, piston rods, and suspension springs. Bright steel is also crucial in engineering, equipment manufacturing, and the medical industry.


SMS group has banked more than 80 years’ experience in making machinery to draw, peel, and grind bright steel. It’s an expertise stretching back to the heritage brands of Schumag and Kieserling which have been part of SMS group since 2008.

Line Concepts

Bright steel processing machines

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Bright Steel Process

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Starting material

Hot-rolled wire rod or bars made of all common steel alloys, round cast steel, titanium and other non-ferrous metals

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  • Payoff
  • Coil end opener or manipulator 
  • Prestraightener
  • Descaling
  • Straightener
  • Sizing stand
  • Bar feeder and separator
  • Black bar straightening machine
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Drawing or peeling

  • Carriage drawing machines
  • Chain track drawing machines
  • PM, PMS or PMH series peeling machines
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  • Two-roll straightening machines (WRP)
  • Straightening and polishing
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Final machining

  • Impact shearing
  • Material inspection 
  • End machining
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  • Round, square, rectangular or hexagonal cross-sections as rings or bars
  • Special sections
  • Solid material or thick-wall tube 
  • Bundling and packing
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Schleipo grinding and polishing machine
RSM 60 regulating wheel grinder


Drawing lines

Individual machines, intelligently combined

SMS group offers you high-performance, combined drawing lines for round, square, hexagonal, and special-shaped bars. Starting from safe loading of the uncoiler through to the finished bar bundle, our engineers ensure your line components are perfectly tailored to your specific requirements. Depending on your application, you can choose from two types of continuous drawing systems: conventional cam- type drawing machines, and chain track drawing machines. Both guarantee optimal production efficiency and high-quality finished products.

Drawing lines image

Peeling lines

A machine for every application

SMS group supplies both standalone peelers and complex integrated peeling lines featuring a maximum level of automation. Included here are bar-to-bar and coil-to- bar operating modes for cylindrical, conical and, double cone bars, as well as coil- to-coil operation. Always at the heart of these bright steel centers is our PM (peeling machine) technology. That ensures you achieve the highest standards in quality, productivity, and flexibility.

Peeling lines image

Grinding lines

Maximum surface quality at your command

High rigidity, excellent dynamic behavior and low vibrations: it's no wonder our customers have relied on our centerless grinders for more than 65 years. All Schleipo type grinders operate with a constant grinding axis. That eliminates lateral adjustment of the bar guides and creates ideal conditions for fast, high-quality grinding and polishing.

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Bright bar straightening

High bar straightness

Whether two-millimeter thin wire or anything up to formats a hundred times larger - SMS group supplies the right straightening solution for all your long products. Especially crucial for the straightness of bright steel bars are, for example, piston rods and printer feed shafts.

Bright bar straightening image



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