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The universal caster

Provided all exit systems are installed, your operators can change over within a single shift. All they need to do is swap to a different tundish/mold set and load the new cast recipe to the PC. Fully continuous, the HDC process lends itself ideally to automation. That’s because all the downstream equipment is perfectly in line with the casting machine and no additional personnel is required. Sawing, weighing, hard stamping, ink marking, labelling, stacking, and strapping: these are processes that run automatically. Now, after constant improvements over the years, our plants feature automatic cast starts and stops as well as automatic tundish adjustment. Precise control comes from the Hertwich PLC system (Programmable Logic Controller), including an error-management and menu-type casting recipes. Furthermore, all important plant parameters are monitored, controlled, and stored to a PC for subsequent processing.

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Universal caster for aluminium