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Save time and machining costs

Cross rolls, type QW

Stand-out features of our machines for cross rolling are flexibility, high yield, and fast tool changes. We engineered the rolls to prevent scale deposits and asymmetric heating of the rolling dies. There is a special drive principle involving a torque motor and permanently connected shafts. This combines maximum variability with extreme precision. Other options available to you include tool heating and cooling systems.

Precision blanks
Do you want to forge mass products such as twin con rods or stub axles for the automotive industry? This is where our cross-rolling machines are ideal for volume distribution. What's more, they substantially optimize the entire process. Why? Because they achieve the best possible blank forms within close dimensional and weight tolerances. Also included in the benefits are reduced flash and die wear. The cross roll precisely finish-rolls rotationally symmetrical parts such as transmission and drive shafts. That often reduces or even eliminates the need for subsequent machining.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Optimum tool heating and cooling
  • Quick tool changing with tool adapters 
  • Inexpensive tools (half rings)