Eccentric presses, types MP and AMP - nominal force 6.3 to 160 MN

Fast set-up for maximum productivity

Available to you from SMS group are state-of-the-art stroke-bound eccentric forging presses featuring our dieformer units. They come complete with automation and rapid-die-changing function, so that our dieformers can be used for practically any forging application: hot and warm forging, and forging with or without flash.

Precision, productivity, faster set-up
Here is a press that gives you the rigidity in both longitudinal and transverse directions ideal for producing precision forgings. That ensures you enhance both productivity and output - thanks to the impressive useful stroke rate and short non-productive times. You also benefit from the rapid-adjustment system for the ram because it makes any necessary corrections during ongoing production - quickly and easily.

Your benefits at a glance

  • High longitudinal rigidity
  • Better precision thanks to minimized ram tilting
  • Ratio of ram width to pressure rod width approx. 1:1 
  • Fast stroke rate guarantees high productivity