Eccentric presses type MT

Eccentric presses with MEERtorque® drive unit

The MT closed-die forging press is one of the latest generation of eccentric presses from SMS group. The MEERtorque® servodrive concept, newly developed from scratch, is the technical highlight of the press. The eccentric shaft and the flywheel are directly driven by dynamic torque motors. The new drive system combines the advantages of (highly dynamic) servo presses with those of presses featuring a flywheel (high forging energy storage) and a conventional brake and clutch combination. This means the forging process is both highly energy-efficient and resource-friendly. The electrical energy generated during the deceleration phase can be used to recharge the flywheel. This reduces the operating energy demand by 30 - 50 %. Not only that, sound emission levels are much lower with the new drive concept.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Greater energy efficiency through the recovery of the deceleration energy and avoidance of sliding friction losses
  • High forging energy (flywheel) with low connected power
  • Substantially reduced maintenance costs and shutdowns as the drive unit is subject to almost no wear
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