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Direct forging force plus energy recovery

Screw presses, type SPE – nominal force 6.3 to 50 MN

Direct-drive screw presses combine massive forming forces with high forging precision. What distinguishes electrically driven screw presses from the flywheel type is that the driven spindle is connected directly to the drive motor - without intermediate gearboxes or other mechanisms.

Intelligent, high-availability machine design
All you have to do is program the forging sequences for your workpieces. You can vary the bottom dead-center position with no need to change the die height.

Furthermore, it's not necessary to adjust the ram as the machine heats up. Power comes from a synchronous motor. Here, the stator is part of the machine frame and the rotor belongs to the flywheel. You also save costs with the braking energy feedback feature.

Your benefits at a glance

  • High forces, precision forming
  • Automated process with forging sequence programming
  • Energy-saving operation with braking energy feedback
  • Easy operation