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Forging ahead

Screw presses, type SPKA – nominal force 8 to 235 MN

You'll appreciate our screw presses with continuously revolving flywheel and integral clutch. Why? Because these energy-bound machines give you alternative options no other press type offers you. These presses produce all kinds of forgings. Due to the flexible clutch drive system, the machine type has achieved great success on the market for heat-sensitive materials, e.g. for aircraft and power station components.

Flexible process sequences
Our screw presses apply high forming energy even at reduced ram speed. What makes this possible is our special clutch disengagement technology. Also important are minimum workpiece contact times. Clutch disengagement can be force or stroke-controlled and all functions are controlled electronically.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Strong forming forces with short workpiece contact times
  • High useful forming energy due to special clutch technology
  • Full performance even at 50% of the nominal stroke rate
  • Variable ram speed
  • Hydraulic flywheel bearings
  • Low accelerated masses
  • Short acceleration distance