Proven technology taken one step further

SMS group now goes a step further with the new, additive-manufactured 3D spray heads:  The external-mix two-fluid nozzles produce an extremely fine aerosol. Unmixing, as in internal-mix systems, naturally cannot occur with this technology. The homogeneous, constant-over-time spray pattern provides for a long tool service life and optimal spraying results. The nozzles can be switched individually or in zones and offset in time. To switch the nozzles, SMS group continues to use the tried and proven membrane material for the 3D spray heads. The membrane platelets are located directly at the nozzle. The short switching periods allow for high dynamics, while dripping is precluded.

Optimal symbiosis for new systems and retooling

We offer you an optimal, perfectly attuned 3D spray system consisting of spray technology, 3D spray head and spray automation.

SMS group can deliver both new 3D spray systems or retool legacy spray systems with 3D spray heads. Upgrade your spraying technology to the latest level and invest in an innovative system that will pay for itself with low cycle times and high outputs.  

New possibilities bring an innovation push

Apart from these advantages, the new 3D-printed spray heads offer even more benefits:

  • Extremely light design and low structure height
  • Spatial nozzle arrangement customized to the client
  • Low installation and maintenance costs
  • Leak-free system in one-part construction
  • Flow-optimized form to prevent deposits in the canals
  • Prevention of spray medium collection on the spray head
  • Pressure of customized nozzle forms
  • Minor damage in a crash 
  • Fast acquisition due to automated construction
  • Environmentally friendly production




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