Color coating lines for aluminum

Color coating Aluminum strip

What makes color coating lines such an attractive proposition is that they apply a high-quality coating to strip so it can go directly into processing end products. This eliminates costly process stages. Available to you from SMS group are color coating lines for various aluminum strip applications. These lines differ depending on the final use of the material. Yet you get complete lines from a single source, all designed to accomplish several outstanding processes. Naturally, the highlight is always the compact coating process. We ensure the chemical strip pre-treatment, subsequent color coating, and drying oven are perfectly synchronized. That way, you'll achieve excellent quality at low resource and energy consumption.


Color coating lines

Line types
The lines differ depending on the final use of the material. For example, material for the building industry often requires three coatings (passivation, primer, paint) while can-end stock grades only need two layers (passivation, paint). They are also thinner.
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Color coating line for can-end stock

Here is how the process works

First, the surface must be prepared for color coating. This means cleaning it, then treating it with a passivating chemical. Next, two finish coaters with high-efficiency control systems apply a uniform and precise coating in the layer thickness required. Whatever the thickness, our lines ensure low media consumption. What follows is a floatation oven, where the solvents are outgassed in a contact- free process. That hardens the color layer on the strip. To protect the finished surfaces and improve the material's deep-drawing property, a wax layer can be applied. This is done in a vertical roll coater using heated rollers.


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Floatation oven

Contactless and efficient drying

Our high-performance floatation oven for drying the solvents stands out for even heating, cooling performance, and exceptionally high efficiency. It also comes with top green credentials. To ensure a flawless finish, the strip travels contact-free through the entire furnace.

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Regenerative thermal oxidizer

Technologies designed to your requirements

Our regenerative thermal oxidizer system (RTO) burns the flue gases in the oven with a thermal efficiency of 98%. Depending on the solvent content in the exhaust air, the afterburning system and even the oven itself can be operated without additional energy input (autothermal mode).

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Coating technology

Precise and reliable coating

Here, we offer you a comprehensive range of coating systems for color coating lines. Whichever type you choose, you benefit from top precision and reliability. Just as dependable is our closed-loop thickness regulation system because it guarantees precise coat thickness every time.

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