Coating technology

Precise and reliable
Precise and reliable Coating

Vertical roll coater

It's necessary, before color coating, to apply a passivation coating to the strip surface. This happens in vertical roll coaters. Our effective control system ensures a uniform coating in the required thickness at low media consumption. Also featured in our coaters are several circulation systems for quickly changing the coating media. You hardly have to wait at all because the rollers, pans, and media systems are cleaned automatically in less than two minutes.

Back-up roll coater systems

Our color coating lines feature extremely precise and reliable back-up roll coaters. What's standard procedure here is that the top side of the strip is coated by one of two coater decks with three rolls. This means you can change colors and coatings fast. Expressed simply: you just set the rolls to the thickness you require. It takes only one coater deck with two or three rolls to coat the bottom surface - with the same coating being used.

To prevent vibrations, our coaters are very rigid. What counts is that the precise roll adjustment and roll drives ensure even coating. Also installed here is a wiper system that continuously cleans the back-up roll. You can use the hydraulic quick retraction mode to open and close the coating rolls within two seconds to allow the strip joint to pass through.

Precise and reliable coating image Precise and reliable coating image Precise and reliable coating image Precise and reliable coating image

Vertical waxer

It is possible to treat the strips with wax for which purpose a vertical roll coater with heated rolls is integrated into the exit section of the line. The wax layer protects the material and improves its deep-drawing properties.