Floatation oven

Contactless and efficient drying

Modular and compact in design, high-performance convection furnaces stand out for even heating and cooling performance, exceptionally high efficiency, and eco-friendliness. All this requires ideal setting and control of the process parameters. We apply a mathematical model to get this right every time.

Nozzles in the floatation furnace ensure the strip travels contact-free through the furnace and air cooler in a sinus shape. This is possible because, throughout the furnace length, hot-air nozzles heat the strip evenly and keep it afloat on an air cushion. Eliminating the mechanical contact in the furnace translates into a fault-free strip surface. The modular furnaces feature several heating zones that use turbines to generate an air channel consisting of top and bottom airflows. That makes them easy to control. The air is heated by burners which work with re-heated combustion air, yet require a very low energy input.