Color coating lines for carbon steel

Versatile, organically coated steel strip

What makes color coating lines such an attractive proposition is that they apply a high-quality coating to strip so it can go directly into processing end products. This eliminates costly manufacturing stages. Available to you from SMS group are color coating lines for various steel strip applications. These lines differ depending on the final use of the material. Yet you always get complete lines from a single source, all designed to accomplish several sophisticated processes. Naturally, the highlight is the compact coating process. We ensure the chemical strip pre-treatment, subsequent color coating, and drying oven are perfectly synchronized. That way, you achieve excellent quality at low resource and energy consumption.


Color coating line for architectural products

Process sequence
Here is how the process works. First, the strips enter the line alternately from two payoff reels and are joined by a stitcher into endless strip. This collects in a vertical looper. Next up is a spray and brush degreasing unit that cleans the strip surface.

Then a chemcoater applies a conversion layer, followed by vertical drying. The strip is primed in a prime coater, then goes through the first horizontal hardening furnace. As it travels through finish coater 1 or 2 , it's coated with a top coat that hardens in the second horizontal furnace.

The next station is a vertical looper. Downstream of this is an inspection stand that checks the strip before it is cut and wound into coils.
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Coating technology image

Coating technology

Here, we offer you a comprehensive range of coating systems for color coating lines. Whichever type you choose, you benefit from top precision and reliability. Just as dependable is our closed-loop thickness regulation system because it guarantees precise coat thickness every time.

Drying technology image

Drying technology

Our high-performance catenaries or ovens for drying the solvents stand out for even heating and cooling as well as exceptionally high efficiency. Furthermore, they come with top green credentials. Also available to you is our special floatation furnace for thin gauges.

Regenerative thermal oxidizer image

Regenerative thermal oxidizer

Our regenerative thermal oxidizer system (RTO) burns the flue gases in the oven with a thermal efficiency of 98%. Depending on the solvent content in the exhaust air, the afterburning system and even the oven itself can be operated without additional energy input (autothermal mode).

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Electrical and automation systems

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  • Integrated solutions consisting of mechanics, electrics, and automation
  • The benefits of long-term experience with X-Pact® world-leading automation
  • Energy distribution and drive systems
  • The only genuine future-proof automation system
  • Control stations designed around the operator
  • Innovative HMI system for production-centered operation
  • Plug & Work integration test, process and production simulation, near-reality 3D visualization
  • All-inclusive modernization
  • International setup
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Products and solutions for color coating lines

Line drive control
Furnace model
Tension leveler model
Looper optimization
Basic automation
Level 2 system
Color coating control
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Our specialists in electrics, automation, technology, and mechanics work hand in hand to ensure your systems function smoothly. That’s how we create intelligent, market-centered solutions that boost your production.


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