Severstal, Russia

Two color coating lines

What stands out here are the super-fast process speed, the roll coaters, and the high-performance drying ovens. According to predictions, a further 200,000 tpy of hot-dip or electrolytically galvanized cold strip will be color coated in western Russia in the future. These strips are mainly used in the construction and household appliances industries. The entry side of the plant consists of a cleaning section which degreases the strip surface by spraying and brushing. Next, a vertical roll coater applies a conversion coating to the prepared surface. This is followed by drying. Then the strip is prime-coated in a backup roll coater and passes through a low-emission catenary hardening oven. Now it's ready for coating with a finish coat in two back-up roll coaters. The final stage here is hardening in another curing oven. All the coaters operate with high-precision control for precise and consistent media application. Optionally, an extra protective film can be applied in the exit section.

The vertical coater prepares the strip for the next coat with a conversion coating. Arriving in the exit section, the strips are carefully coiled by a belt wrapper and transported away.

Main technical data

Steel grades: Hot-dip and electrolytically galvanized cold strip
Strip width: 600 to 1,650 mm
Strip thickness: 0.3 to 1.0mm
Entry speed: 200 m/min
Process speed: 150 m/min
Exit speed: 200 m/min
Capacity: 200,000 tpy