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Drying technology

Contactless and efficient drying

Modular and compact in design, our high-performance convection furnaces stand out for even heating and cooling performance, exceptionally high efficiency, and eco-friendliness. All this requires ideal setting and control of the process parameters. We apply a mathematical model to get this right every time.

The process starts with the catenary oven, where the strip is uniformly heated over the entire length. Here, the upper and lower air streams are each generated by their own
frequency-controlled turbine. That makes it possible to separately control the energy used in each individual oven zone. Furthermore, the whole air flow is aerodynamically designed to obtain an efficiency of 50 percent based on a uniform flow pattern. This means a huge volume of air circulates in the oven at a temperature of between 300 and 400 °C and heats the strip to the required temperature of up to 270°C. Generally, the ovens draw their energy from the efficient energy recovery system. That consists of a regenerative post-combustion system plus additional burners.

Drying technology image Drying technology image Drying technology image Drying technology image