Continuous caster for flat products

High-productivity plants

There have been several major milestones in the history of SMS group and its predecessor companies (Schloemann, Concast, and Mannesmann Demag). They all testify to 50 years of leadership in continuous casting. This means that the thin, medium, and thick slabs you produce on our continuous casters form your ideal basis for superior steel products.


Broad portfolio

Technological leadership - powerful results

Today, some 95% of steel is produced by continuous casting. As a frontrunner in this technology, SMS group offers the world's most extensive portfolio of continuous casting machines. That's how we meet market demand as well as your specific requirements. It also means that the thin, medium, and thick slabs you produce on our continuous casters form your ideal basis for superior steel products.

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Key factors for successful slab production Ultimate solutions

You can produce (almost) anything with our plants. This includes for example: blanks for state-of- the-art sheet metal auto parts with extreme deep-drawing properties; high-strength, lightweight construction steels that reduce vehicle weights; blanks for high-performance electronic components used in ultra-small engines; large tubes for transporting aggressive media such as oil and natural gas. The range stretches from ultra-low carbon deep-drawing steel to high-alloy, heat-resistant stainless steels.

Key factors

  • Superb product quality
  • High plant availability
  • Lower operation and maintenance costs
  • Easy operation as a result of high level of automation 
  • Full range of services
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HD mold – profound process understanding

Slab quality control with HD mold

Knowing the temperature development within the mold is essential for understanding and optimizing the casting process. Now you can - with our HD mold. It provides the necessary data in high resolution as well as new insights into the processes inside the mold.

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Innovative strand guide roller

Strand guide rollers are crucial for manufacturing high-quality steel slabs. Ideal here is our STEC-Roll® solution. We have already installed it in several new plants. Plus, if you have axle rollers with rotating axles from other manufacturers and drive rollers with split bearings on your existing segment frames, it's easy to replace them with STEC-Roll®. No further changes are necessary.

Selected References

Electrical and automation systems

Future-proof complete solutions from one source

  • Integrated solutions consisting of mechanics, electrics, and automation
  • The benefits of long-term experience with X-Pact® world-leading automation
  • Energy distribution and drive systems
  • The only genuine future-proof automation system
  • Control stations designed around the operator
  • Innovative HMI system for production-centered operation
  • Plug & Work integration test, process and production simulation, near-reality 3D visualization
  • All-inclusive modernization
  • International setup
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Holistic, efficient, and future-proof

Products and solutions for slab casters

Hydraulic mold oscillation (HMO)
Hydraulic segment adjustment (HSA)
Caster computer system (CCS)
Your professional partner for continuous casters

Our specialists in electrics, automation, technology, and mechanics work hand in hand to ensure your systems function smoothly. That’s how we create intelligent, market-centered solutions that boost your production.


Long term service agreements

Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works, Russia

The cooperation between MMK and SMS on caster No. 6 established a strong team spirit that achieves top plant performance. Together they formed an alliance to which both contribute their respective strengths for joint success.

With regard to costs, the SMS maintenance team realizes a benefit of more than 15% of the life cycle costs in the annual maintenance budget compared to equivalent plants in the MMK group. Therefore in 2014, MMK extended the cooperation on caster No. 6 by three more years.

MMK benefits

  • Trouble-free operation of the continuous caster No. 6 since April 2012 (a unique milestone under given conditions)
  • Ramp-up curve: 33% better than planned 
  • Plant availability: 86%
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Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works in Russia is happy to concen- trate on its core task and concurrently benefit in the complete maintenance by SMS since 2009.

Coating technologies for casters

Coatings for longer service life

Mold coatings

  • Application of different coating procedures: Electroplating, UniGuard® (HVOF)
  • Increase in service life by 30% to 100%
  • Extremely wear-resistant contact surface
  • Improved anti-friction properties
  • Less maintenance
  • Lower costs for reworking due to smaller coating thickness 
  • Increase in production capacity
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For longer service life

Segment roller coatings


  • Longer service life of segments thanks to newly developed welding materials
  • Short waiting times
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • ISO-certified welding units


  • SAW (submerged arc welding)
  • Open arc welding procedure
  • Gas shield welding procedure
Roller position Corrosion resistance Thermal loadBending strengthMicrostructure of deposit welding
Foot roller +++ ++a) Martensitic
b) Special alloy
Segment 0 - 1 +++ ++ Soft martensitic
Curved segments


++++ Soft martensitic
Horizontal segments 450 ++++++Soft martensitic Martensitic



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