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Continuous caster for
long products

Technology for billets, blooms and beam blanks

SMS Concast has been instrumental in developing continuous casting technologies since 1954 and enjoys the leading technology and market position in this field all over the world. Innovations such as CONVEX® and INVEX® mold technology, CONSTIR electromagnetic stirrer systems and near net shape casting are just some of the outstanding developments in this field. They enable long-term high casting speeds at a consistently high level of quality.


Your leading partner for continuous casting technology

Clean surfaces are a necessary pre-condition for high-quality material

Today, around 95% of the worldwide steel production is realized by continuous casting, both for flat and long products. As a frontrunner in this technology, SMS group offers the world's most extensive portfolio of continuous casting machines, whereas SMS Concast is its specialist for long product continuous casting. In close cooperation, we offer you solutions according to the market demand and your specific requirements. This means,  the blooms, rounds, beam blanks and billets you produce on our continuous casters form an ideal basis for superior steel products.

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Technological & digital solutions

SMS Concast’s comprehensive solutions can enhance continuous caster performance all along the process chain. Whether you need a single solution on the casting platform, roller apron, roller table or discharge, in the control room, workshops or warehouses, or you need a complete package, SMS Concast offers a broad portfolio of technological or digital solutions to reach your safety, quality and productivity targets.

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Electrical and automation systems

X-Pact® Process Guidance

New standard for the future automatic control of complex plants

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Ladle turrets

Preventive maintenance for ladle turrets is the key to the productivity of today´s continuous casters.

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