Profound process understanding

Slab quality control with HD mold

HD mold – these are copper plates with integrated optical-fiber temperature measurement. They do away with the laborious cabling work associated with traditional thermocouples. So now you can get reliable measured values in unrivalled signal quality. Unlike former solutions with limited measuring points, this system frees you up to place measuring points across the whole surface. It's nothing short of a revolution, because you can specifically monitor key areas such as the mold level in much more detail. This is how HD mold makes the casting process much more transparent. And that enables you to boost product quality in your continuous casting process.

Innovative optical-fiber solution for temperature measurement

Now available to you is extremely accurate, high-quality signal measurement data obtained by precise positioning of optical fiber sensors integrated into the mold. Numbering 480 measuring points, the sensor density in the HD mold is four to five times that of conventional systems. This means you can perform large-surface measurements over the full mold height and circumference. Moreover, you can freely choose the position of the measuring points. HD mold optical fiber technology is unique in that it offers direct visualization of the local strand shell thickness for a deeper understanding of the process. It also benefits you that the sensor technology we use is completely maintenance-free because the measuring conductors are not exposed.

Your benefits

  • Perfect signal dynamics and quality, even in electro-magnetic fields
  • In-depth insight into the solidification process

  • More reliable sticker detection (increased steel in mold time)

  • Dismantling and reworking of mold with built-in sensors

  • Better slab quality

  • Completely maintenance-free

HD mold - profound process understanding image HD mold - profound process understanding image HD mold - profound process understanding image HD mold - profound process understanding image