High-efficiency continuous slab caster

The plant is designed for casting speeds of up to 2.15 meters per minute, so it achieves a production capacity of 2.5 million tons of slab per year. Already looking to the future, Siderar ordered the twelve-segment strand guide fully prepared for adding two further segments at a later date. That means this expansion will further boost the speed and productivity of the caster. The plant is designed for 200 and 250 millimeter thick slabs with widths ranging from 750 to 1,900 millimeters.

Included in the technological equipment of the caster are several quality-enhancing and production-boosting Intelligent Slab Casting (ISC®) modules. Our customer benefits particularly from the hydraulically powered resonance oscillation system, remote-controlled mold narrow faces for width change during casting, and position-controlled CYBERLINK segments for Dynamic Soft Reduction.

Yet there is more to guarantee slabs with high internal quality. That's because these systems are combined with width-dependent air-mist secondary cooling and our technological Dynamic Solidification Control (DSC®) process model.

Key technical data

Continuous 1 two-strand vertical bending caster casting process

Ladle contents: up to 200 t
Annual production: > 2,300,000 t
Slab dimensions: 200 mm × 750 to 1,900 mm
Slab length: 6.0 to 12.5 m
Metallurgical length: 26.6 m
Machine radius: 8.0 m
Vertical length: 2.5 m
Number of segments: 12
Bending points: multi-point bending and straightening

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