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Flexibility in charge materials and low-emission production with CONPRO

In view of the expected rising costs for CO2 emissions, large price fluctuations of the charge materials for the BOF converter process and the increased scrap availability to be expected in the future, SMS group has developed a new primary smelter named CONPRO. 

The CONPRO makes use of the proven BOF converter and electric arc furnace technologies, offering the most efficient and flexible combination of energy sources.

The new CONPRO melting unit

In consideration of the above issues, SMS group has developed a novel type of melting unit. Its most essential feature is the high level of flexibility in terms of charge materials combined with a very high degree of economic efficiency and the possibility of reducing emissions.

Flexible use of charge materials

The CONPRO can be operated in the same manner as a BOF converter. In this way, the ratio of scrap (cooling scrap) or any other coolant can be reduced to approx. 15%. Oxygen is introduced by means of a top lance combined with side wall lances. If during operation no sufficient amounts of molten pig iron are available temporarily or permanently, or if the production of molten pig iron is to be discontinued entirely, the CONPRO can be operated in the same manner as an electric arc furnace. Conversion to the EAF mode is uncomplicated and can be performed during a single shift. The sequence for a heat in the EAF mode is only slightly different from the BOF mode.

The design of the CONPRO for the operating mode without melting current and the operating mode with melting current can be seen in the following figures.

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