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JSW Steel Ltd.

Energy efficient liquid phase for five million tons a year

The converter shop supplied by SMS group to JSW Steel Limited in Dolvi, India, is characterized by high energy efficiency and environmental protection standards. The scope of supply included two 350-ton BOF converters, two 350-ton ladle furnaces and one 350-ton RH TOP vacuum recirculation degassing facility (Ruhrstahl Heraeus). The environmental engineering includes two primary waste gas cleaning systems with a dry dust collection system and a secondary waste gas cleaning system for the converters, ladle furnaces and the RH facility. The secondary gas cleaning plant with bag filter has been designed for a capacity rating of more than 3,400,000 Nm³ per hour.

In order to increase energy efficiency, the converter shop was equipped with two heat recovery systems for generating steam from the waste heat of the converter primary gas. The produced steam is fed into the works pipeline network. Furthermore, thanks to the installed gas extraction technology, a volume of more than 400 million Nm³ converter waste gas per year can be used to replace other fossil fuels for energy generation. Not only the energy costs but also the output of CO2 can thus be reduced considerably. Here, use is made of the tried and tested SMS group adjustable skirt for the recovery of the energy-containing CO gas. The X-Pact® electrical and automation systems for the complete converter shop ensure efficient production and a high quality of the steel produced.
India’s largest BOF converters of their kind are equipped with the maintenance-free lamella suspension developed by SMS group, with bottom-stirring systems for combined blowing and with tilt drive systems manufactured in the SMS group’s own workshop.
The single RH-TOP vacuum plant from SMS Mevac is provided with a modern ladle lifting system (RH-RockerType®), which hydraulically – and supported by a counterweight – lifts the ladle towards the vacuum vessel. The RH facility is equipped with a multifunctional TOP lance which can be used as an oxygen blowing lance under vacuum for steel treatment and as an atmospheric oxygen burner lance for heating up and holding the temperature of the RH vessel. Two ladle transfer cars ensure short cycle times. The RH facility was equipped with an extensive alloy addition system.
The SMS group scope of supply and services included engineering, manufacturing and delivery of the mechatronic equipment, the X-Pact® electrical and automation systems and the supervision of erection/installation and commissioning.

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