Fuxin Special Steel

World‘s first eco package for stainless steel production in China Taiwan

Since 2014, Fuxin Special Steel Co. Ltd. of China in Taiwan has been operating a steel mill supplied by SMS group for the production of stainless steel slabs at the Zhangzhou location in Fujian Province. It is the world's first stainless steel mill to use the waste heat from the AOD converter and electric arc furnace. As a result, CO2 emissions are massively reduced – in the order of 60,000 tons annually.

The X-Melt® steel plant consists of a 160-t electric arc-furnace with tapping spout, a 180-t AOD-L converter, and a 180-t ladle furnace. Integrated here is a special changing car for relining the AOD converter. Compared to the conventional method, changing the converter vessel is twice as fast. That drastically cuts downtimes.

The steel plant meets even the toughest environmental protection standards. Here is how: The primary emissions go through cooled stacks and into two bag filters. To ensure efficient capture of the dustladen secondary emissions, the EAF and the AOD converter feature special enclosures. Any additional dust produced is also captured and extracted. Outstanding here is that the filters of the gas cleaning systems are designed for more than 2.3 million cubic meters of air per hour.

Fuxin Special Steel Image Fuxin Special Steel Image Fuxin Special Steel Image Fuxin Special Steel Image