BOF design concepts

Future-oriented oxygen steelmaking

We have banked such a wealth of experience from countless projects that we can precisely tailor our solutions to your processes and specifications. You also benefit from our internationally versed project managers, engineers, and technicians. All of them are so familiar with the various environments that you can count on a minimum of disruption. Simply put, most of your existing production processes continue to run uninterrupted.

Instrumental here are these factors:

  • Strict adherence to your time plan
  • Process simulation that reflects your plant layout and requirements
  • Integration of automation packages
  • Tried-and-tested routines
Future-oriented oxygen steelmaking Image

Future-oriented stainless steelmaking

Low production costs, high productivity

  • Low inert gas consumption
  • Low reduction material consumption
  • Short process times


  • Scrap variation
  • Unlimited C and S-content of raw material 
  • Most steel grades can be treated

High oxygen yield due to combined blowing
High chromium recovery

We distinguish between Duplex lines (single-stage decarburization) and Triplex lines (two-stage decarburization).

Future-oriented stainless steelmaking Image
Duplex route Image

Duplex route

Triplex route Image

Triplex route

Efficient, custom-engineered vacuum converters Refined steels and ferroalloys

Our technology helps you achieve ultra-low carbon, nitrogen, and hydrogen contents. Used as a reaction gas, CO2 has a strong cooling effect in vacuum decarburization. This means you save on metallic coolants when treating ferrochrome and ferromanganese. You also consume less argon. The entire process engineering ensures lowest operating costs.

These are your benefits from two-stage decarburization in our vacuum converter:

  • AOD process at ambient pressure for medium-carbon grades
  • Decarburization and degassing under vacuum for steel grades and ferroalloys with low and ultra-low carbon and nitrogen contents

The dedusting hood for AOD operation and the vacuum cover for vacuum operation are installed on a sliding car. That makes it easy to move them between the two treatment steps.

Efficient, custom-engineered vacuum converters Refined steels and ferroalloys Image 1
Efficient, custom-engineered vacuum converters Refined steels and ferroalloys Image 2