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Copper tube production - integrated systems for all requirements

Whether you want to produce anodes, wire rods, tubes, or semi-finished products - we supply all the equipment you need for copper plants. That includes integrated process technology. Working with us means you enjoy a partnership based on expertise and the assurance that all your components mesh perfectly.

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Casting and rolling of copper mother tubes in one step

The SMS group developed directube® to enable coppertube manufacturers to produce high-quality tubes on a highly efficient Basis. Our directube® system casts tube shells from copper cathodes on a horizontal continuous casting plant. Then a planetary rolling mill directly converts them into mother tubes. This short process route results in high efficiency and lower energy consumption. Plus, you can process the mother tubes on conventional drawing lines to the required final tube sizes. 

Key elements of directube®:

  • Furnace for melting copper cathodes and process scrap
  • Multi-strand horizontal continuous shell caster
  • Surface preparation unit for the shells
  • Planetary mill (PSW) with in-line coiling for cross-rolling

Main Data




90 - 150 mm

48 - 90 mm

Shell lengths

up to 25 m

Rolling output


up to 1,300 m/hr

Coil weight


> 1,000 kg

Your Benefits

  • Lower eccentricity
  • Shorter production route with higher efficiency
  • Less copper input
  • Significantly lower process losses
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Lower investment costs
1 Melting furnace, 2 Casting equipment, 3 Peeling machine, 4 Shell feeding system, 5 Planetary rolling mill (PSW), 6 Shear and coiling section



The most compact process for copper tubes

We integrate a special mold technology in our horizontal continuous casting plants so you can efficiently cast small cross sections (near-net- shape casting). What this means for you is that you cast a thick-wall tube, directly roll it into a mother tube, then cold-draw the mother tube to the final tube size on conventional drawing machines.

This is the most economic route by far for small and medium production capacities.

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Warehousing at SULB, Bahrain from ground-breaking

No stores, no personnel costs - and yet all parts are on hand: These are the advantages of the warehousing service offered, under which SMS group manage the storage of spare parts on the customer's behalf by SULB.

Unwanted downtimes are history

This forward-looking development and implementation of an advanced spare parts supply concept reduces the servicing times and prevents unwanted downtimes.

The availability of spare and wear parts is ensured by three-shift operation of the warehouse, available on a 24/7 basis. The entire warehouse concept was originated in close coordination with SULB. The customer has access to the whole storage system at any time and thus has complete cost transparency. The stock is retrievable online around the clock. SULB is just one of several examples in which the SMS group has assumed warehouse management.

Warehousing SULB image


  • Availability of spare parts and consumables at no investment costs
  • Pay on parts usage only
  • Web-based documentation: Simplified spares identification and ordering
  • Transparency: Online access to prices, lead times, stock levels
  • Concentration on core business
  • Parts availability 24/7, guaranteed stock level
  • Inventory management (control & reports)
  • Reliable planning due to fixed price lists



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