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CSP® technology

CSP® – the leading thin slab technology

Today, CSP® (Compact Strip Production) is the world's leading thin slab technology. Pioneered by SMS group in 1989, it has transformed the world of flat steel production. That's because CSP® has so much to offer - above all: high cost efficiency, a broad product spectrum, and excellent strip quality.



Main data
Full variety of carbon grades such as structural steel, silicon steel, pipe grades, multiphase steel

Strip width:
800 - 2,150 mm

Strip thickness:
0.8 - 25.4 mm

1- strand up to 1.6 million tpy
2-strand up to 3.2 million tpy
SMSgroup Plant Image

Compact in design, CSP® produces high-quality hot strip in a single manufacturing line that combines casting, heating, and rolling. Our proven CSP® caster with its patented funnel-shaped mold casts thin slabs in thicknesses ranging from 50 to 90 mm. Next, the slabs go into the CSP® furnace for temperature equalization. Straight after that, the CSP® mill rolls them to final strip thickness.

If you want to grow with the market, CSP® is the perfect solution for you. Starting with a single-strand CSP® plant, you can cost-effectively produce around 1.5 million tons hot strip per year. Later, simply add a second casting strand to double your capacity to more than 3 million tons per year.

Your benefits

Low costs, high efficiency image Low costs, high efficiency image Low costs, high efficiency image Low costs, high efficiency image

Low costs, high efficiency

Want to cut costs as well as harmful emissions? Then you'll love CSP® technology for its low investment costs, low overheads ...

Excellent product quality image Excellent product quality image Excellent product quality image Excellent product quality image

Excellent product quality

What makes hot strip from CSP® plants stand out is its extremely homogeneous microstructure plus consistent mechanical and geometric properties.

Large product spectrum image Large product spectrum image Large product spectrum image Large product spectrum image

Large product spectrum

Our CSP® plants have proven they can produce an extremely wide spectrum of steel grades. Included here are almost all high-quality grades in demand today.

Thin strip production image Thin strip production image Thin strip production image Thin strip production image

Efficient thin strip production

CSP® technology offers optimal pre-conditions for the stable production of large amounts of thin-gauge products at low cost.


X-Roll® Oil Bearing

Hydrodynamic roll-neck bearings from SMS group are highly advanced and elementary components of modern rolling mill technology. That's because they support the load-bearing backup rolls. Even under extremely tough operating conditions, they ensure long roll service life and minimal maintenance outlay. This is how roll-neck bearings contribute substantially to meeting the high requirements for optimal final strip geometry.

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Selected References

Electrical and Automation systems

HD mold

A look into the mold during solidification process

More information

X-Pact® Cast Optimizer

Optimized guidance of the complete casting process for highest yield and best quality

More information

X-Pact® Coiler Control

Technological control system to ensure best product quality and high process stability during strip winding on up- and down coilers.

More information

X-Pact® Cooling Section Control

In-bar temperature control over the entire strip length

More information

X-Pact® Gap Control

Optimum segment gap in all situations

More information

X-Pact® Level Control

Precise mold level control with automatic adaption to process requirements

More information

X-Pact® Microstructure Property Model

Online and offline calculation of strip properties such as yield strength, tensile strength, elongation to fracture, material microstructure

More information

X-Pact® Mill Stand Control (TCS)

Technological Control System to ensure highest product quality (HGC, WRB, IRB, CVC®)

More information

X-Pact® Oscillation Control

Highly flexible and effective – for a perfect slab surface

More information

X-Pact® Pass Schedule Calculation (PSC®)

The system calculates the set-points per pass according to current process parameters and limitations

More information

X-Pact® Profile, Contour and Flatness (PCFC)

The physical process model calculates the best set-points for the CVC® plus actuators

More information

X-Pact® Solid Control

3D temperature control

More information

X-Pact® Strip Steering Control

For a stable rolling process and better strip flow

More information

X-Pact® Tech Assist

To manage your techno-metallurgical parameters

More information

X-Pact® Width Control

Largest width changes, optimized for crack-sensitive grades

More information

X-Shape Flatness Measurement and Control

Stand-alone measuring system for flatness control perfectly tailored to your process requirements.

More information

Digital twin

Digital counterpart of a customer-specific plant

More information

Plug & Work

3D real-time simulation of technology prior to installation

More information

Product quality analyzer (PQA®)

Solution for smooth process flow and constant high quality

More information

Remote service

Always at your side, quickly and dependably, worldwide

More information

Upgrade Package Basic Automation

New state of the art hardware, latest development software

More information


Safeguarding plant lifetime

More information

X-Pact® Business Intelligence

Systematic analysis of data in an electronic form

More information

X-Pact® Drive

Low voltage frequency converter as integral part of X-Pact®

More information

X-Pact® Energy Advisor

Energy management for metallurgical plants and rolling mills

More information

X-Pact® MES 4.0

Production planning and scheduling for all production units in the plant

More information

X-Pact® Process Condition Analyzer (PCA)

The "transparent" plant

More information

X-Pact® Process Guidance

New standard for the future automatic control of complex plants

More information

X-Pact® Sense

Intelligent sensor system and camera-based solutions

More information

X-Pact® Vision Mobile Operation

Easy access on process results - Full information and control everywhere

More information

X-Pact® Vision Operation and Visualization

Innovative HMI and new control station

More information


Drive Systems

More reliability in the drive train due to Drive Systems provided by SMS group.

More information


Digital documentation: First step to a smart plant.

More information

Emergency support - Remote Service

For easy identification of defects and malfunctions and quick initiation of measures for fault elimination.

More information

Equipment check

Regular inspections and maintenance form the basis for safeguarding the efficiency of your equipment.

More information

Genius CM®

The Genius Condition Monitoring includes a modularly designed, permanent online monitoring system.

More information

High-torque spindle for rolling mills

The new Sieflex® HT gear-type self-aligning spindle is a key to greater rolling torques and forces.

More information

Long-term maintenance services

SMS group offers you the full range of services along the value chain, while you can focus entirely on your core competences.

More information

Maintenance tools - IMMS®

The Integrated Maintenance Management System (IMMS) guarantees effective and economical maintenance.

More information

Mold tracker

The Mold Tracker is a self-contained sensor unit that is attached to copper plates and continuously measures wear and operational data. The collected data are clearly visualized and support the optimization of maintenance and stocking.

More information

Safety Locator

Protect your most valuable asset - your employees - with the SMS group Safety Locator!

More information

Service for X-Roll® Oil Bearing

X-Roll® Oil Bearing - An elementary part of modern rolling mill technology

More information

Smart Maintenance

Digitalize your maintenance with SMS group!

More information



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