CSP® technology

CSP® technology - the leading thin slab technology

Today, CSP® (Compact Strip Production) is the world's leading thin slab technology. Pioneered by SMS group in 1989, it has transformed the world of flat steel production. That's because CSP® has so much to offer - above all: high cost efficiency, a broad product spectrum, and excellent strip quality.



Main data
Full variety of carbon grades such as structural steel, silicon steel, pipe grades, multiphase steel

Strip width:
800 - 2,150 mm

Strip thickness:
0.8 - 25.4 mm

1- strand up to 1.6 million tpy
2-strand up to 3.2 million tpy
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Compact in design, CSP® produces high-quality hot strip in a single manufacturing line that combines casting, heating, and rolling. Our proven CSP® caster with its patented funnel-shaped mold casts thin slabs in thicknesses ranging from 50 to 90 mm. Next, the slabs go into the CSP® furnace for temperature equalization. Straight after that, the CSP® mill rolls them to final strip thickness.

If you want to grow with the market, CSP® is the perfect solution for you. Starting with a single-strand CSP® plant, you can cost-effectively produce around 1.5 million tons per year. Later, simply add a second casting strand to double your capacity to more than 3 million tons per year.

Your benefits

Low costs, high efficiency image

Low costs, high efficiency

Want to cut costs as well as harmful emissions? Then you'll love CSP® technology for its low investment costs, low overheads ...

Excellent product quality image

Excellent product quality

What makes hot strip from CSP® plants stand out is its extremely homogeneous microstructure plus consistent mechanical and geometric properties.

Large product spectrum image

Large product spectrum

Our CSP® plants have proven they can produce an extremely wide spectrum of steel grades. Included here are almost all high-quality grades in demand today.

Thin strip production image

Thin strip production

CSP® technology offers optimal pre-conditions for the stable production of large amounts of thin-gauge products at low cost.

Selected References

Electrical and Automation systems

Future-proof complete solutions from one source

  • Integrated solutions consisting of mechanics, electrics, and automation
  • The benefits of long-term experience with X-Pact® world-leading automation
  • Energy distribution and drive systems
  • The only genuine future-proof automation system
  • Control stations designed around the operator
  • Innovative HMI system for production-centered operation
  • Plug & Work integration test, process and production simulation, near-reality 3D visualization
  • All-inclusive modernization
  • International setup
Electrics and automation systems image

Holistic, efficient, and future-proof

Products and solutions for CSP® plants

Your professional partner for
CSP® technology

Our specialists in electrics, automation, technology, and mechanics work hand in hand to ensure your systems function smoothly. That’s how we create intelligent, market-centered solutions that boost your production.


X-Roll® Oil Bearing

Hydrodynamic roll-neck bearings from SMS group are highly advanced and elementary components of modern rolling mill technology. That's because they support the load-bearing backup rolls. Even under extremely tough operating conditions, they ensure long roll service life and minimal maintenance outlay. This is how roll-neck bearings contribute substantially to meeting the high requirements for optimal final strip geometry.

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Maintenance tools

Effective and economical maintenance


The Integrated Maintenance Management System (IMMS) is a combination of a CMMS software and valuable data based on decades of SMS experience. From elaborate analyses and existing documents, SMS creates a plant specific, customized package of component- related maintenance strategies for technically and commercially effective maintenance.

IMMS® - steps required for a complete maintenance system

Maintenance tools image

High-torque spindle for rolling mills

Higher capacity and new lubrication technology

Sieflex®-HT Spindle

High-strength materials require greater rolling torques and forces. The new Sieflex® HT gear-type self-aligning spindle is a key to meeting this demand.

Innovative circuling oil lubrication

  • Low oil consumption
  • Longer service life due to clean, cool lubricating oil 
  • Reduction of downtimes by more than 50 %
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  • Higher drive and rolling torques at the same work roll diameter 
  • Full torque capacity up to a deflection angle of 2.5°
  • Reduced maintenance

Genius CM

Our early-warning system to avoid downtimes

The Genius Condition Monitoring includes a modularly designed, permanent online monitoring system. It controls and records the current condition of wear-prone plant components and notifies when situations become critical.

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1. Monitoring of toothing
(Gear mesh frequency) MDVA - Diagnostic Vibration Anaysis
2. Bearing damage
Temperature Monitoring
3. Gear unit lubrication
(Dirt particles, oil flow, water level) HDM - Hydraulic Monitoring
4. Spindle monitoring
(Torque) TAS - Torque Analysis System
5. Process monitoring
MiDaS - Mill Diagnostic System


Furnace technology
Ahead of Times with Plug & Work
X-Pact Vision
Low-Voltage Frequency Converter
Production Planning and Scheduling


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