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Big River Steel, USA

Sophisticated system steelworks

On March 1st, 2017, Big River Steel officially started the new CSP® plant as part of its greenfield complex in Arkansas, USA.

Big River Steel is a new player on the U.S. flat steel market. The complete steel complex is fully designed on the basis of SMS group technology for everything from steelmaking to strip processing. There is a special focus here on sophisticated products such as pipe grades for the oil and gas industry, silicon steels for electronic plates, and AHSS grades. Capable of a maximum strip width of 1,930 mm, the Big River CSP® plant is the world's widest.

Core components:

  • Single-strand CSP® caster with hydraulic oscillation and liquid core reduction (LCR3)
  • CSP® furnace
  • CSP® mill with six finishing stands (incorporating hydraulic gap adjustment (HGC), CVC® plus with work roll shifting and integrated work roll bending), laminar strip cooling, and one hydraulic downcoiler
  • Complete X-Pact® electrics and automation including Level 3

Main technical data

Materials: Carbon grades, HSLA grades, pipe grades (X70/ X80) Si-grades (GO and NGO)
Strip width: (900 ) 1,200 - 1,930 mm
Strip thickness: (1. 2) 1.55 - 25.4 mm
Capacity: 1.5 (3.0 )million tpy

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Big River Steel - North America's most up-to-date steel plant

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Grand opening of Big River Steel