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Nucor Steel, USA

Future-oriented modernization

Nucor Steel Berkeley was the first to implement our groundbreaking modernization solution for CSP® plants. It works by installing inductive heating systems between the CSP® furnace and the CSP® mill. Now Nucor Berkeley can expand its product range and simultaneously reduce energy consumption.

What the induction heating units do is increase the thin slab temperature directly before rolling. This means Nucor Steel achieves greater reductions per pass and can expand its range of thin-gage products. Equally effective, the inductive heating systems can be used to reduce the energy consumption of the CSP® plant. That's because you can precisely adjust the thin slab temperature before rolling. This, in turn, makes it possible to lower the furnace temperature to a level suitable for rolling most steel grades and strip gages - without affecting process stability or product quality. Whenever strips require a higher entry temperature, the inductive heating systems provide the extra heating. Originally supplied by SMS group in 1996, the revamped two-stand CSP® plant now meets today's market requirements. Also included was an expansion of the maximum strip width by 200 mm to 1,880 mm.

Core components:

  • Two single-strand CSP® casters with electromagnetic brake (EMBr), hydraulic stopper rod control, electromechanical oscillator (strand 2), hydraulic oscillator (strand 1), and liquid core reduction (LCR3 / strand 1)
  • Two CSP® furnaces with parallel ferry and inductive heating
  • CSP® mill with seven finishing stands (incorporating hydraulic gap adjustment (HGC), CVC® plus with work roll shifting and integrated work roll bending), laminar strip cooling, and two hydraulic downcoilers
  • Complete X-Pact® electrics and automation

Main technical data

Materials: Carbon steels, dual-phase steels (DP), HSLA steel, Silicon steel (NGO), pipe grades
Strip width: 900 - 1,600 mm
Strip thickness: 0.8 - 12.7 mm
Capacity: 2.5 million tpy

Nucor Steel, USA image Nucor Steel, USA image Nucor Steel, USA image Nucor Steel, USA image