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Wuhan Iron & Steel, China

Specialist for Si grades

Wuhan Iron & Steel (Wisco) uses its CSP® plant primarily for manufacturing strip from high-quality steel grades such as electric- sheet or dual-phase steels. What convinced our customer to adopt CSP® were the ideal process conditions it delivers for materials that require precise temperature control.

Particularly striking is the metallurgical length of 10,305 mm, so that the CSP® casters at Wisco are currently the world's longest. They achieve high production rates with large slab thicknesses. A key stand- out feature is a rotating high-pressure descaling system in the exit section of the caster. It efficiently removes sticky scale from Si strip for smooth furnace operation. The seven-stand rolling mill delivers high degrees of deformation and small final gauges for wide strip.

Core components:

  • Two single-strand CSP® casters with mold monitoring system (MMS), electromagnetic brake, hydraulic oscillator, and liquid core reduction (LCR3)
  • Two CSP® furnaces with swivel ferry
  • CSP® mill with seven finishing stands (incorporating hydraulic gap adjustment (HGC), CVC® plus with work roll shifting and integrated work roll bending), laminar strip cooling, and two hydraulic downcoilers
  • Complete X-Pact® electrics and automation
Wuhan Iron & Steel, China image Wuhan Iron & Steel, China image Wuhan Iron & Steel, China image Wuhan Iron & Steel, China image

Main technical data

Materials: Carbon steels, dual-phase steels (DP), HSLA steel, Silicon steel (NGO), pipe grades
Strip width: 900 - 1,600 mm
Strip thickness: 0.8 - 12.7 mm
Capacity: 2.5 million tpy