Finish drawing

Precision manufacturing results

The most efficient way to produce high-quality end products at top drawing speeds is to manufacture them on combined drawing machines from SMS group.

These are the drawing machines you can use for your specific applications:
  • Decoiling, speed controlled by optical systems
  • Pre-straightening, horizontal and/or vertical pre-straightener
  • Drawing, with a motorized drawing die holder and/or integrated tube cleaning device
  • Straightening
  • Testing, using an eddy current in-line testing unit
  • Marking, embossing, labeling
  • Chip-free cutting of the tubes to a precise length with flying cutters
  • Discharging, with integrated sorting controller
  • Re-sawing and de-burring unit, for cutting the tube ends to exact lengths and de-burring by brushing
  • Bundling
  • Pancake coiling