ProconTube system

Cutting-edge innovation – for your benefit

A prime example of our innovative thinking is the ProconTube system, which substantially reduces tube eccentricity. Wherever it is installed – as part of a complete new production line or in an existing manufacturing process – you benefit substantially. That’s because every decrease in eccentricity translates into high material savings and improved cost effectiveness.

ProConTube is an independent machine unit positioned directly upstream of the drawing unit.

Main components:

  • Machine housing
  • Swivel bracket
  • Guiding slide
  • Electronic measurement and evaluation system
  • Hydraulic control system

ProConTube is based on special sensor technology integrated into the die. This continuously calculates the wall thickness distribution over the circumference of the tube as it passes through the machine. The control system immediately processes the data, then a mechanical unit upstream of the drawing unit regulates the entry of the material into the die. Plus, there is an ultra-dynamic hydraulic system that ensures fast, precise swivel motions.

Your benefits

  • Rapid, high-precision measuring and control technology
  • Compact, simple design
  • Fully automatic, integrated machine unit
  • Can be fitted into existing drawing lines
  • Reduction in tube eccentricity of up to 3 percentage points