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Inner grooving

Designed for high productivity

Our VNVG 2000 inner-grooving lines produce quality tubes cost-effectively. Today’s growing demand for inner-grooved tubes inspired us to increase the productivity, quality and efficiency of our inner-grooving lines. Even more, these machines also reduce operator tooling and labor costs.

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Utilizing a superb high-speed spindle, the grooving head can run at up to 49,000 rpm for tube production line speeds of up to 100 m/min.


First up, proven VNVG Veegroove technology gently draws the tube through the process. Next, a flying shear takes samples at full plant speed without interrupting the drawing process. This ensures fast tube quality checking. A special lubrication system including flow and pressure monitoring is tailored to the high speeds of the spindle motor.


Innovative reciprocating die technology extends tool life by up to 8 times normal levels.